The old saying goes something like, “No news is good news”… Well, to be honest, we depend on hearing from you – good or bad – as the best way to provide the content which keeps you tuned in. If the phone doesn’t ring, and we don’t get any emails, we could assume you are listening and are happy with what ‘Your Host On The Coast’ is airing.

We WANT to listen to what you like and/or think could use improvement!

Our in-studio phone number is 360-276-0600, available for you to tell us your thoughts and to ask your on-air personality to play something you’d like to hear.

In the drop-down menu under the ‘Opinion’ link above, there are also a few single-item polls and a general comments link (all noted below, too..) which you are invited to use for typing out your views and asking questions. All comments and inquiries will be kept in confidence and be given all due attention and consideration.


Our website is here for the information about our station and events that involve our community. If you have an event or other pertinent information you would like to have us share on the website, send an email to:

Our Official fbLogo160 Facebook Page

Thanks for listening – We hope to hear from you, too!!