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MEET the dj's

KXPB Radio is a NON-PROFIT organization so all our on air personalities are volunteers!  

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My love for radio started when I was just a child.  I was 11 when I had my first "radio station", using the garden hose as a mic and the transmitter.  My brother and the neighbor would listen on the other end as I DJ'd my show for endless minutes... lol, I only had two records in my music library!  As many know, back in the 1950's, radio was considered the window to the world, which I eagerly listened to and began creating custom playlists for friends and family.  Upon graduating High School in Seattle I played in a band for a short time, then spent 38 years in California, finally returning to the Pacific Northwest.  I was part of the original crew that DJ'd during our "pirate radio" years, then assisted Max Better in obtaining the station's official FCC license, which we have to this day.  I feel lucky to be a part of the KXPB Radio family.  Keep listening....  

The howard & breezy show

*Third Sunday of every month 11:00-3:00pm

If you like rock mixed with a little bit of eclectic stuff and a touch of the wacky, this is the show for you! 

Howard & Brenda were both born with vinyl in their veins! Howard's family was in the music business and Brenda inherited two music collections with over 700 records!  Both are from the Pacific Northwest and although they live in Graham, they consider themselves as Pacific Beachers, their home away from home.  While they never considered themselves as DJ's until a chance meeting with Wacky and Handlebar Mike who put them in the hot seat on air!  The rest is history....




Must have made a thousand mix tapes.  Waiting patiently to press record on the cassette deck when your favorite song came on the radio.   Always had some DJ start talking before the song ended.  Every time you played the mix tape you cursed the DJ for screwing it up!  Every time Rusty and Red are doing their show, it's another mix tape, complete with DJ's talking over the end, start and sometimes singing with the song.  Nobody is going to record off the radio now anyway right so we can ham it up....

Don't tell Red but I, Rusty, used to work in a disco.  Two turntables, lot's of polyester, high heels, and perms.  Always hated disco music, but funk ruled the day.  Also was a member of the AV crew in grade school, you know, the guy who set up the 8mm projector for the class, with geek written all over me from an early age. 

Red grew up in the Panama Canal Zone, listened to military radio, and never saw MTV.  She also taped music off the radio but never cursed DJ's as that would be wrong, as a good Catholic girl does not curse.  Since the, she has learned to curse at Rusty!  LOL  She loves music with a beat, and also hates disco.

I hope we passed the audition,

Rusty & Red



KXPB Radio started with my desire to listen to music while working at the Wacky Warehouse.  Because there were few radio stations I could receive and the programming was repetitive with lots of commercials, I played my own cassettes and CD's from a boom box.  But the Wacky is a large building and I couldn't hear it in many parts of the building.  So, I obtained a small FM transmitter that was designed to cover only a single residence or building.  I will take the 5th on what happened next! LOL   A short time later, Congress amended the Communications Act of 1934 and the FCC was authorized to issues low power FM licenses to community, government, and religions organizations.  My high school friend, Kelly (Max Better), waded through the bureaucratic paperwork and obtained the first LPFM license in western Washington.  I hoped I could attract musicians, artists and people who were into good music to join me in Pacific Beach to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and freedom from big city stress.  After watching cable movie shows where a celebrity did cooking during commercial breaks, I invited Julia to do a show with me on Sunday afternoons....




*Everything is better with music!

Our journey in life brought us to Pacific Beach in 2004 for the first time and once here, found ourselves enjoying the area so much so that we built a home in 2018 to embrace the beach lifestyle.  It wasn't just the area that we fell in love with, but it didn't take long before we found ourselves falling for KXPB 89.1 radio. Music has always been something that the Professor has followed and studied so it was a natural progression to volunteer as DJs. We have gone to many concerts and music events over time and have picked up much knowledge about many different music genres however, we especially love rock 'n roll along with blues and jazz, sprinkled with good old-time country.  It's's all about the music and the beaches. That's what keeps us coming back. 

Everything is better with music.

The Professor and Mary Ann & Amos the stowaway Dog 

P.S. "Life's journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well-preserved boyd, but rather to skid sideways totally worn-out, shouting HOLY SHIT...WHAT A RIDE!


chrissy's corner- mUSIC WITH A MESSAGE

*Every Wednesday

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Chrissy has always been a radio buff.  Many times she would call in during contests to win prizes and each time, the DJ would put her on the radio.  For years she would have a vision of herself wearing headphones, sitting at a radio station, which was strange since she chose to be an investigator as her career.  Then, a set of circumstances led her to the online arena, doing interviews of various celebrities.  Originally from the east coast, her family somehow ended up in the Pacific Northwest.  Although she had always loved living in Seattle, fate brought her to Pacific Beach, a lazy little beach town on the Washington Coast.  Little did she know there was a local radio station!  Chrissy is passionate about America, the Constitution and decided to create a show that highlights this, to instill a sense of patriotism within our local residents, as well as honor those who serve our great nation.  She uses music to bring her message whether it's for love of country, a holiday or other occasion,


Chrissy loves playing music that makes you critically think & see what's going on...




I first started coming to the Coast to visit my Aunt when I was a kid.  I remember going to Johnson's in Copalis with my dog and buying junk food and heading out tot he beach with songs like "Green Eyed Lady" or "Rock On" playing in my head. 

My love of music led to my interest in audio gear.  While in High School in Olympia, I had my own mobile DJ business.  I had a radio show at college and pursued my interest in audio equipment and electronics by getting an electrical engineering degree from University of Washington. 

When my childhood friend said that his grandparents' house in Pacific Beach was going up for sale, I jumped at the chance to buy it.  I enjoy helping out the station and look forward to when I'm in Pacific Beach full time and have a regular show. 


*Saturdays 11a to 7pm


Handlebar Mike has had quite an interesting life... 

A Vietnam Army Veteran, Mike served our country with honor and returned home to Southern California, where as a National Wood Finishing Expert, he scored contracts for some of the biggest celebrities, producers and executives in Hollywood. This included Michael Landon (Little House On the Prairie, Bonanza), Director, John Frankenheimer (Black Sunday, Reindeer Games, Path to War), George Barris (Designed the Batmobile), Director Phil Alden Robinson (Sum Of All Fears),  and even Brandon Tartkicoff (NBC Executive), among many others.  He was also contracted by all the major studios, including Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and NBC. 


What some may not realize, upon his return from Vietnam, Mike's passion for radio was ignited and he sought to become a DJ.  Lucky for him, he attended the KISS Radio Broadcasters Workshop. where he was trained by the best in the biz at the time- actor Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes) and Laugh In's Gary Owens,  

Seven years ago, Mike moved to the Pacific Beach area where a chance meeting with Wacky sparked his radio career at KXPB Radio.  A favorite among listeners, he previously served as President for two years and is a driving force behind marketing the station to local businesses for sponsorship of the non-profit organization.

Mike considers himself to be an entertainer, not only spinning records, but also as a talented singer, clarinetist & piano player.  He is currently a lifelong member of:  V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars), D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans), American Veterans, American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America. 



I'm Joe Sykes, your Thursday DJ.


California by birth.

Arizona by youth.

Washington by choice.


I've been interested in radio ever since I hung out with my best friend at his summer job at a radio station in Williams, Arizona.

That was in 1976.


My best friend went on to become a professional DJ who works at KMGN, in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is now my brother in law.


I went on to become a Greyhound Bus Driver.

I drove for 24 years.


People have told me in the past, that I have a nice voice for radio.


So, here I am...fulfilling another dream.


Thanks for the opportunity.

papa pete

*Thursdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.

My father worked in radio in Seattle for 49 yrs.  One of his first gigs was at a station in Aberdeen where I was born.  We moved to Seattle the next yearj, where growing up, I was able to quench my thirst for music.  For my first concert I went to see the legendary 'The Doors' in 1967!  Then I got to see Jimi three more times and I was fortunate enough to be at Led Zepp's Seattle debut at Green Lake, and would go on to see them at least five times over the next 10 years.  My taste moved from funk jazz to the blues and everything in between.  At least half of my blues shows feature artists I have seen live.


We have had our house at Pacific Beach since the 1980's and started listening to KXPB early on,  At one point there was a party going at the station and they where playing great music but had the mic on, so I walked up to the station, met everybody and the next thing I know I’m playing the blues Thursday night on KXPB Radio! 

Currently, I spearheaded getting the town gazebo tiles sold and will have a town party when the tiles are set and hope to get KXPB involved.