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KXPB Radio 89.9FM is a NON-PROFIT organization!  All our DJ's are VOLUNTEER, dedicated to bringing the community, as well as globally via the internet, the best variety of music anywhere in the nation!  KXPB Radio is YOUR host with local personalities for entertainment, fun, local news and emergency information.

KXPB Radio started as a pirate radio station back in the late 1990’s until the FCC shut it down.  Thanks to the work of Kelly Cline (aka Max Better) with the help of Mr. Wacky, the FCC granted a low power FM license to the Pacific Beach Food Bank, which assists in feeding the community! Since then, we are proud to say the station has been in continuous operation since 2004, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Being a NON-PROFIT and NON-COMMERCIAL STATION, our continuing success reflects the amount of support afforded to us by the people, businesses and community organizations who graciously donate to keep us up and running! It is donations from our listeners and local businesses that allows us to continue broadcasting.

KING TV Interview on March 3, 2022

Please consider clicking on the DONATE button and making a contribution to ensure we are able to continue to broadcast and livestream! 

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

God Bless....


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